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I’ve Known You Before

About a month ago, I had a dream more vivid than anything I have ever experienced. I sat up in bed and wrote this poem in literally 5 minutes. Please note: This is fiction and only based on a dream. A beautiful dream, but nonetheless, just a dream…


A bridge in Innsbruck, Austria

I’ve Known You Before

I’ve known you before.
You take my hand and then a flash
A dashing young man in uniform
And a blushing young lady too taken to look into his eyes.

I’ve known you before.
Two young hearts madly in love
A promise made, an eternal bond formed
A proposal refused until a soldier could return home.

I’ve known you before.
Two souls who couldn’t bear to part
Hands that wouldn’t unclasp, tears that wouldn’t stop falling
A token of love sent with him to the battlefield.

I’ve known you before.
Letters from afar
Sharing memories of dancing cheek to cheek
And kissing on the bridge until dawn.

I’ve known you before
But you were taken from me far too early
Now the universe gives us another chance
But is it too late to get it right? Please say no.

I’ve known you before
You’re half of my soul and all of my heart.
The father of my children, the love of my life.
The one who follows me thru eternity.

I’ve known you before
You’re a part of me
Connected by a cord
Stronger than steel.

I’ve known you before.
Now I’ve found you again
I loved you then
But I love you even more now.

I’ve known you before.
And I’m not going to lose you again.
We belong to each other.
One heart, one soul.

I’ve known you before.