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Ladies – they just don’t make them like this any more…


How amazing is this? I found this today in an antiques store. It’s from a 1939 Ladies Home Journal.

How incredible these ladies were! And how sad it is that women today (and I’m including myself in this) don’t put as much emphasis on taking good care of themselves.

I mean… Can you imagine spending “three hours daily of rigorous self-care”? I feel like such a slob!

And I AM going to do better. I’m starting tomorrow, in fact.

Now for the text that’s in this ad. How do you score?

WHAT IS YOUR BEAUTY SCORE? Here is your spring examination paper… play fair

1. Do you always give yourself a careful mirror checkup before you leave the house to be sure details are right: no slip showing, no crooked stocking seams, and so on?

2. Have you ever had compliments on your perfume, hair-do, teeth?

3. Do you brush your hair thoroughly every day?

4. Do you weigh yourself at least once a week?

5. Have you ever stuck to a diet (without cheating!) for at least a week?

6. Can you carry a book on your head across a room, walking naturally?

7. Would you be willing to have your friends examine a “close-up” of your complexion?

8. How many of the following items do you possess? Check carefully, please.
Nail polish. Antiperspirant. Hand soap. Eye lotion. Dentifrice. Hand lotion. Depilatory. Mouth wash. Deodorant. Bath scent (oil or salts). Face-cleansing preparation (oil or cream or lotion).
Bath or talcum powder. Cold cream (for softening skin).

9. And how many of these preparations can you check off?
Shampoo. Eye shadow. Lipstick. Face powder. Rouge. Mascara. Perfume. Nail brush. Cleansing tissues. Stiff hairbrush. Powder foundation. Skin tonic or astringent.

10. Do you average eight hours’ rest a night?

11. Are your feet and legs as well groomed as your hands and arms?

12. Do you have a fruit dessert at least once a day?

13. Do you change your fingernail polish as soon as it has become chipped? Have you tried a new shade of polish within the last month?

14. Do you take the same care in applying your daily make-up as you do before a party?

15. Do you always cleanse your face carefully before going to bed?

16. Do you brush your teeth at least twice daily?

17. Do you average half an hour out of the twenty-four in self care? (Bathing, brushing hair, applying make-up, manicuring, taking special exercises, and so on.)

18. Have you ever been told to modify your speaking voice?

19. Do you have a feeling of physical relief when you take off your shoes, your corsets?

20. If a smartly dressed friend walked in on you right this minute would you feel like apologizing for your own appearance? If so, what would bother you most? Your hair? Your hands? Your clothes?

SCORING: Each question counts five. The answers to Nos. 1 to 17, inclusive, should be in the affirmative, so that every “yes” to these gives you a plus five. In questions 8 and 9, if you can check ten items in each list, give yourself five for each question; otherwise deduct half a point for each missing item. Nos. 18, 19, and 20 should be answered with “No” to score five points each.

By Louise Paine Benjamin
Beauty Editor of the Journal

The charming ladies on this page all took this test, and filled out their papers conscientiously – just as we hope you have done. They came through with flying colors. But naturally! For they are a hand-picked group of “honor students,” chosen for their grace and wit and beauty. High scores are to be expected of them, since they have national reputations to maintain, whereas most of us are content to glimmer gently in our own small circles.

However, that is no excuse for settling back complacently. There is work to be done!

If your score is 85 to 100, you are already doing an excellent job and are to be congratulated. Even under 80, you may still be “passing fair.” But if you have slipped below 60, take heed, before you…

(And that’s where this page ends. Guess we can each fill in the blank how we see fit).

The ladies pictured are from bottom left up:

Helen Claire – 97 per cent – keeps her Southern charm at top form for her role in Kiss the Boys Good-bye but doesn’t use nail polish.

Vera Zorina – 85 per cent – the dancing star of I Married an Angel, gets enough exercise to keep slim, but she makes up with extra care for special occasions only.

Margaret Halsey – 78 per cent – gifted author of With Malice Toward Some. Passing fair and more than passing witty – her coiffure is an “un-do”, apples and oranges her preferred beauty treatment.

Lily Pons – 100 per cent – earns her perfect score by hard work; three hours daily of rigorous self-care and a strict diet for health, and to keep her weight up. She abhors crooked stocking seams and slips that show.

Mary Pickford – 87 per cent – sometimes neglects a final mirror checkup, worries a bit about clothes, but gives skin and hair extra care.