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Mom’s been urging me to start a blog forever – Mom, who’s the writer. I don’t consider myself a writer. A composer perhaps, but not a writer…


However, I have felt compelled to talk about many subjects lately-


  • How bullying has entered my life AGAIN. And how, after turning the other cheek my whole life, I have had enough and am standing up to it, getting rid of all of the negativity and negative people in my life and making no apologies for it.


  • How I’m finally taking control of my life, getting out from underneath all of the boxes from a move over two years ago, trying to separate the theatre (which I know a lot of people love and I do, too) from me and what I want and need, trying to find time to play and to perform again, trying to figure out what and who I REALLY want to be when I grow up.


  • How many exciting opportunities I have in my life right now. How I feel like I’m finding my identity and individuality for the first time in my life. How I’m starting to take care of myself. How I’m noticing the beauty all around me and working on my own, inside and out.


And I do intend to write about every one of those subjects. I have so much to say, so much to process, that it’s not even funny.


Today, I was walking out to the mailbox, and I caught a glimpse of something in the brush.



Peeking out of a mountain of other plants was this beautiful flower. I was very touched. I’ve never seen it before. I pulled back all of the brush and admired it’s beauty. I promised it I would come back and trim away all of the plants – both good and bad – that are encroaching on it, choking it, keeping it from the sunlight, keeping it from becoming everything it is capable of being… And yet admiring how beautiful it is, even though it’s mostly covered up, in the background, and has gone unnoticed for so long.



At the beginning of the year, a little voice in my head said, “This is the year you’re going to fall in love.” I took it literally, but something tells me I shouldn’t have made assumptions. Stay tuned, folks…

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