The Atomic Blonde
Actress, Singer, Pinup Girl, Celebrity look-alike, Reenactor




Alison LOVES music. She always has. When she was two years old, her idea of fun was to practice the piano and write music. She went on to acquaint herself with several instruments, then decided her voice was her main instrument. She studied voice from various private instructors, and she studied voice at Florida State University. Today she teaches voice students, even while she continues to be a voice student herself.

Alison teaches individual voice lessons, coaches individuals for special events such as talent shows and auditions, and once a week she becomes a student again as she works with her vocal coach. She is also the Artistic Director for The Twilight Theatre in Peachtree city, Georgia, and she teaches workshops on various music and acting-related topics.

And when she’s not studying or teaching, she’s available to perform, so when you need a vocalist for your next social event, give her a call. If you love to sing but hate the faces people make when they’re within earshot, sign yourself up for some voice lessons. Working on a special presentation? Get Alison to help you shine. (Individual and short-term sessions available.)


A professional singer, Alison is available for performances at special events.


Every chance she gets, Alison portrays Betty Grable, the most famous pinup girl from WWII. Betty was a favorite of American soldiers and had her legs insured for $1 million. Alison is an Atlanta native and a professional singer, actress, and model. She studied music and theatre at Florida State University and is the Artistic Director and Founder of The Twilight Theatre in Peachtree City, GA. She also portrays Marilyn Monroe at events, but Betty is her fave. A firm believer that she was born in the wrong era, Alison loves the 1940s – the people, the patriotism, the music, and the clothes. A lover of all things vintage, Alison is also an ardent supporter of the US military and loves when she gets to combine her loves of performing and history as Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, or a Pinup Girl.


Looking for ways to make sure your special event is one they’ll never forget and smile every time they remember it? Contact Alison. When it comes to staging the spectacular, there’s nobody better.